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Some foods and plants that we commonly find in the home can be toxic to domestic animals as their metabolism differs from that of humans.  Be aware of which they are.  Unless otherwise noted, both cats and dogs are susceptible.


Apple, Apricot, cherries, peaches, plums and pears
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Seeds of these fruits can cause cyanide poisoning when ingested in large amounts  Ingestion of large seeds can result in actual gut obstruction.

Grapes, raisins and sultanas

Even eating a relatively small amount can
damage the kidneys.
Tomatoes are all kinds of toxic to cats.  Ingesting just one cherry tomato can cause severe stomach upset.


Contains an element called persin which can damage the heart, lungs and other tissues.  Its high fat content cam trigger stomach upsets, vomiting and even pancreatitis.


Photo of Broccoli

Contains a toxic ingredient called isothiocynate.  If given as more than 10% of dogs total diet it can cause
stomach upsets.

Onions and garlic

These contain sulfoxides and disulfides that can damage blood cells leading to anemia.

mixed nuts
Their high phosphorus content may result in
bladder stone formation.

Is hallucinogenic when consumed in large doses.  It can cause tremors, seizures and death.


Contains theobromine which can result in
coma and death in dogs.  The darker the chocolate,
the higher the thebromine content.

Sugarless candy
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Contains xylitol that can cause liver damage and death
in some dogs.


Image of Lilies

Cats love to nibble these flowers or drink their water, but this can result in acute kidney failure which can result in death.

                                                                                     List by Dr. Jane Grey, SPCA Hong Kong

The video below is from the ASPCA sighting 17 plants that are poisonous to your pets.






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