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SNAP (Spay/Neuter Assistance Programme)

Spay / Neuter Assistance Programme

Every year many thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens are born in Hong Kong, some of these litters are the result of accidental matings by pet dogs and cats.

To prevent this problem the SPCA advocates that all pet cats and dogs should be neutered (this also can have added health benefits).

The SPCA realises that in some cases there may be financial concerns such that whilst a pet owner may be willing to "de-sex" their pet they do not have the financial means to do so.

The SPCA can offer assistance with the "de-sexing" of pet cats and dogs in certain instances such as the owner is a recipient of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or is referred by a Social Worker.

SNAP voucher scheme

This scheme aims to prevent the birth of unwanted offspring by encouraging the "desexing" of pet dogs and cats.

If you would like to "desex" your pet dog or cat but are unable to do so due to financial concerns then utilizing one of the SNAP vouchers may help.

There are various discount vouchers available depending on the procedure :-

$300 - Dog Spay
$200 - Dog Neuter
$200 - Cat Spay
$100 - Cat Neuter

We are offerring the limited vouchers for each category. Applications should be made using the SNAP application for:

By Online By Post / Fax Or In-person
Apply Now Download Form


 All veterinary practices in Hong Kong have been invited to support this initiative. If you wish to use a voucher under this programme please ask your vet in advance if they are participating. Individual veterinary surgeons may have additional terms and conditions applicable. Please refer to them for details.

If they are not participating please click here for a list of participating clinic contact details

If you are aware of someone who needs special assistance in applying for a SNAP voucher please contact the SPCA (HK) on 22325549.

Terms and conditions.

  • The voucher can be used to get a discount off the normal price charged by a participating vet for "de-sexing" either a dog or cat.
  • The vouchers are limited to a maximum of two per person and only one can be redeemed per procedure
  • The vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used to discount the cost of "de-sexing" - other medical or surgical treatments are not covered
  • Dogs "de-sexed" under the scheme must be vaccinated against rabies and have a micro-chip implanted in accordance with Hong Kong law.
  • The vouchers cannot be redeemed at the SPCA (HK)'s mobile surgical unit
  • The vouchers expire on 31/03/2010
  • In the event of loss vouchers will not be replaced nor duplicates issued
  • The SPCA reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this scheme and its determination on the right to use the voucher is final.
  • The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail wherever there is a discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions.


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