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Reptiles and Amphibians


 Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. Herp is from a Greek word, herpeton, which is loosely translated into "things which creep and crawl on their bellies." While all universities teach biology/zoology, not all of them have classes about reptiles.
                       Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection


Cover Image: Iguanas for Dummies.  Book written by Melissa Kaplan.


  If you find yourself caring for a reptile or amphibian or are considering owning   one, one of the most formative authorities for current information is Melissa  
  Kaplan.  Her information can be found in libraries, bookstores and online.


Although reptiles and amphibians are considered wild (not domesticated) animals, our fascination with them continues to place them in our homes.  As with any animal that depends on humans for a good quality of life, it is necessary that we educate ourselves to care for these critters in the best way possible.  From housing to diet needs, illnesses to general behavior Melissa Kaplan has a wealth of knowledge that far outweighs that of this webmaster.


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Meet Harriet and Mr. Jade, HK Animal Speaks two Iguana's



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