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Where Can I Find...? Food, Vet's, Boarding, Training, Pet Friendly Cafe's...

Listed in alphabetical order, here you will find everything from

Veterinarians and dog parks to kennels, trainers and so much more!


Animal Welfare Organizations

Here you will find a list of animal welfare organizations supporting everything from rabbits and reptiles to dogs and cat.
Animal Welfare IntroductionThought provoking animal welfare models, ethical ideas and quotes to help you better understand your barometer on the subject.
Ask a VetThis is a live forum where you can ask our Vets general questions.
Fresh Air and Cafe's (pet friendly) Enjoy a meal with your four legged pal then get some fresh air in a pet friendly park.
Animal Communicators and Healers
Want to know what your pet is thinking or feeling?  Would you like a holistic approach to working with your pets? This might be the way!
Death of a Pet
Supportive information for you and your children to help cope with the loss of a pet.
De-Sexing Your Pet
Health advantages and welfare benefits
Dog Parks
These parks are great for you and your dog(s) to enjoy time together in the outdoors of Hong Kong.
Family and Kids
 Wonderful information, videos and sites for your whole family to share.
 A variety of animal films sorted by genre, year, animal species etc.
 GIFTS Great gifts for your animal loving friends!
Groomers From trimming to tangles, get help here.
Health Benefits of Having Pets
Scientific evidence on how pet ownership can be a healthy benefit to you and your family.
Import/Export CompaniesWhether you are coming to HK or traveling on from HK, these companies have proven track records.
Kennels and Cattery's
A second home for your pets while you're away.
Kids Corner
Here you can find kid and family fun to learn about animals, enjoy pictures or find you favorite animal movie.
Medical LinksImportant information from toxins to basic pet health care
Pet Food & Supplies
 Food, toys, accessories and more.  Local and overseas suppliers.
  Pet Insurance We have medical insurance for ourselves, why not our pets?
PhotographersEnjoy a photo shoot for your pet(s) or with them.
Reptiles and Amphibians
Helpful information for our cold blooded critters.
TrainersFrom behavior to obedience issues, here you can find help.
ToxinsA list of dangerous foods and plants to keep away from your pets.
Veterinary Clinics
Vet clinics from HK Island to the New Territories.
 Wheelchairs for Animals
One of the biggest concerns occur when our pets become disabled and unable to walk. The following wheelchair information comes from a local HK source and an over seas supplier.Custom made wheelchairs to help maintain mobility of physically challenged pet.
 World Wide Efforts



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Volunteer Foster Network

Being a foster parent to a needy animal is a wonderful way to do charitable work and get some instant gratification in return!  Whether it is a newborn kitten or a dog who has been brutalized, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.  Please fill out a Volunteer Foster application to be contacted when one of our needy animals can use your help.

Thank you for your support and for helping those who can't speak for themselves!




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