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Janice Jensen, VA

1990- B.A. Interpersonal Communications, William Patterson University-USA

2013-Current, Director Nevis Animal Speak

2007- Current, Director- HK Animal Speak

2012-2013 Owner/Operator-The Barking Lot Cafe

2004-2013, Teaching Volunteer,  Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong

2005-2013, Vet Assistant, Hong Kong

2008-Executive Committee, STOP Save HK's Cats and Dogs, Hong Kong

2010-Creation and implementation of Hong Kong's first certificate Helper's courses for dogs

2010-2013 Guest Lecturer for Jane Goodall Institute/Roots and Shoots,

2010 BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing programme HK and SPCA HK

                                                                                          1997-2002 Years Board of Directors, Osceola County Humane Society-FL, USA

                                                                                          1997-Current Behavior and training consultation

                                                                                           Formally taught animal welfare education to over 10,000 adults and students and still going...

                                                                                            Awards and Recognition:

2013 Outstanding Volunteer SPCA Hong Kong

                                    2005-2010 Outstanding Teaching Volunteer Animals Asia Foundation

                                              2002-2013 Trained stage dogs for HK Singers, Faust and Dramatic English