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Health and Pet Ownership "Having a pet can help lower blood pressure?!"

For many years, the scientific community has been aware of the health benefits of pet ownership.  From lowering blood pressure to improving the social skills of a child, the emotional and physical health benefits of pet ownership can be wonderful.  Below are just a few sites that will explain in easy to read formats how having a pet in your and your family's life is not only fun but...

"Scientific evidence proves that spending time with a companion animal, such as a dog, does much to improve people's physical and mental well-being." AAF
A site dedicated to health and well being explains how pet ownership can combat:
  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol levels

  • Triglyceride levels

  • Feelings of loneliness

 Pets and children: A wonderful way to learn everything from self confidence to care-giving skills.
 Pet EducationVets site multiple ways pets positively affect health from increasing longevity after heart attacks to being able to predict human seizures before they occur!
 Centers for Disease Control and PreventionLooked to worldwide for up-to-date health information, the Center for Disease Control offers information of some health benefits of pet ownership.




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Volunteer Foster Network

Being a foster parent to a needy animal is a wonderful way to do charitable work and get some instant gratification in return!  Whether it is a newborn kitten or a dog who has been brutalized, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.  Please fill out a Volunteer Foster application to be contacted when one of our needy animals can use your help.

Thank you for your support and for helping those who can't speak for themselves!




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