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Quotes I want to thank you very much for what you have done for our troop. You were amazing, and although we have a dog, I think many of the girls that don't have a pet will think twice before they start begging their parents for an animal. What you do is amazing! There are many people that mistreat their animals, and it's people like you that we really need to educate the public. Thank you again!! Regards, Jessica Quotes
Jessica Berman
Girl Scout Leader Troop HKIS

Quotes Hi Janice- Thank you soooooooooo MUCH to you and your wonderful volunteers and dogs today. I have had a lot of positive feedback!! :-) Thank you for making it easy for the children (and the Japanese teachers!!) to follow!!! We all really enjoyed it!! We would love to have you come back again next year, if the time works with your schedule!! Thanks again!! Kristin Loya :-) Quotes
Kristin Loya
Hong Kong Japanese School

Quotes Dear Janice, Just to say thank you for your wonderful visit to our school this morning! The presentation was just right; with the video starting at just the right time. The highlight of the visit,of course, was the hands-on time with Baby, Rocky and Lily! Our students loved being so close to three gorgeous, placid dogs. Annie, our Head of English, was very pleased that the content of your presentation complemented the English curriculum. It really was a wonderful visit. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Best wishes Quotes
Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School

Quotes Janice - Caitlin: I keep looking at the potohs and each time I see something new and inspiring!Thank you for giving us memories and images of a day Bill & I will never forget. Your photographs are beautiful & your work is amazing.Don't stop taking potohs because you are extraordinary at it!ThanksJanice & Bill Quotes

Quotes On behalf of the students and teaching staff at Baptist Rainbow Primary School, we would like to express our gratitude to you for taking your precious time to give our school a talk on the importance of caring for animals. We sincerely appreciate your dedication, knowledge and expertise in the field of caring for animals. Positive activities such as this really make a difference in the lives of animals and youth within the city of Hong Kong. Once again, we thank you. Quotes
Baptist Rainbow Primary School Staff and Students
Thank You, Thank You

Quotes Thank you for coming to our school and let our students know how to take care of animals and welfare of animals. Our students like your presentation very much and that really impressed them a lot. Some told me that they scared of dogs before, but after your kindly help, they could touch dogs. And, my colleagues like your dogs very much. They said that your dogs are lovely and adorable. Moreover, thank you for the help of the volunteers. And I want to say thank you to Rocky, Lily, Bearette and Baby. Quotes
Cammy Uy
SKH Holy Trinity Church Secondary School

Quotes Thank you for the fabulous talk you gave to the children at the party. The kids were engaged and listened very nicely. They also had lots of fun playing with your dogs. You had made Elizabeth's birthday a memorable one. Quotes
Ching Yeh

Quotes On behalf of the children we would like to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful experience you guys made possible for us. The children all loved the Lilly, Baby and Rocky and they could not stop talking about them! They also learnt so much: from Janice's presentation as well as finding out about your organisation and how it works. Can I also add that the delivery of your presentation was superb too. You pitched the language at the right level for our children, you engaged the children with your powerpoint, thought provoking scenarios and your gorgeous therapy dogs and at the same time effectively getting your very important message across to the children. You must come back again next year. THANK YOU! Quotes
June Gibbard
Hong Lok Yuen International School in Tai Po

Quotes "Her enthusiasm is infectious...if I wanted a talk given to any age group I would call Janice, the accessible expert." Janice has been actively promoting responsible care for animals, not only hands-on classes on how to look after your own animals but also the important issues of spay and neuter, pets shops and the law in Hong Kong. Any questions and Janice will have the resources at her finger tips, whatever the species. Just today i was asking about birds, reptiles, cats and dogs. anice has offered Lifelong Animal Protection the best of help with special case fosters. When nobody else stepped up to help Janice was there. Notably, Buddy, terrible skin burns, Lily, struggling to survive by scavenging bins, with maggots eating her ear and Harley, undernourished knobbly Great Dane. I have absolute confidence that if we have a special case, Janice will get them all shiny and new. Quotes
Director LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection)

Quotes I thought Janice's talk was terrific - very informative and yet not too complicated. Janice made the talk instructive, emphasizing the need for dogs to get their daily exercise - all done in the nicest way! She also covered the basic anatomy and some signs to look for when a dog is not well. I thought it was a fabulous talk and would encourage anyone with dogs to enroll their Helper. Go along too, you might learn something as well - I certainly did!? Quotes
-Fiona, dog owner and helper employer